Richard bougaardt, CEO & Co-FOUNDER


Father, Project Manager, author, Graphic Designer, Historian, Photographer, Artist and Entrepreneur.


Richard enjoys few things more than proving that there is always a place for art and design in all aspects of life as a means to improvement and fulfilment. as a father to a primary school age son, education is a subject close to the heart. as a committed techno-geek, combining design, education and technology is a driving ambition, the benefits of which Richard sees as being central to the successful onward march of the species. by asking the question of educators "We have the technology, so why don't we use it?" Richard is seeking to accelerate the implementation of technology for the best of reasons, improved and more accessible education.


Richard's love of history, the teaching of which is fundamental to giving future generations the their understanding of the world in which they live, gives an added dimension to how through ingraphics, Richard approaches the illustration of the past. as a designer he considers it his job to generate self fulfilling interest and understanding of subjects through Beautiful but relevant imagery backed up by world class research, in history, and in the future, other subjects as well.


Richard is a published author on the subject of military history & D-DAY and holds a degree in french language & literature from LSE who lives with his partner and their three boys and black labrador, in northamptonshire, england.


Zane van Romunde, COO & Co-Founder


Zane has a passion for challenging and changing the status quo - for not accepting things just because "they are", for making things better and ultimately positively impacting the population's long term self-fulfillment, happiness, confidence and well-being, thereby minimising wastage of its potential. The fields of education, engineering and business models for a circular economy and energy are of particular interest to Zane due to their potential impact on resource efficiency, meaningful employment and sustainable productivity.


As an engineer Zane is acutely aware of real-world constraints within which innovation in engineering as well as business models must operate, and leads and coordinates multi-disciplinary projects to leverage and overcome these constraints and commercialise disruptive innovations in renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Zane holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from University College London (UCL) and the Douglas Logan Award (2003) lifetime honorary membership to the University of London Union for encouraging students to take up new sports during his unprecedented two-year captaincy of a sports club. Zane is married with two young children and together the family keeps a small flock of pedigree Jacob Sheep.


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augmented Reality In education

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